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"I would like to compliment ABSS Construction on the professional results I have seen from their work. As a Realtor, here in San Antonio, I have seen construction work from beginning till the end and their work surpasses other contractors. I have taken pride in the past to be able to sell ABSS Construction Homes. I would highly recommend them with out reservation."

Deanna Kaplen, Realtor
AmStar Real Estate Company


"Danny and his crew did a great job building me a rental house. Professional, quick to respond, and offering advice along the way. I would definitely recommend talking to him on your next project.

Alfred Flores, Client
(1100 Sq. Ft. Rental Home)


RF Plumbing Services has maintained an excellent rapport with ABSS Construction for 6 yrs. ABSS Construction provides value to its clients by going above and beyond to meet their needs.

Robert Flores, Plumber
RF Plumbing Services

2 Story Duplex/Attached Garage
1417 Sq. Ft. Ea Side, 338 Agnes

Custom Home
1225 Sq. Ft, 1902 San Carlos

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